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Replace your Bravo Driveshaft Housing Shift Shaft Detent

Your shift detent can fail and cause stiff or difficult shifting.
The detent is a spring loaded ball that is located in the rear cover of your Bravo's upper driveshaft housing.

1. Drain the gear lube from the lube monitor bottle on the engine.
2. Drain the gear lube from the drive.
3. Remove the three bolts from the rear cover on the back of the drive using a 3/8" 12 point socket.
4. The rear cover will be under slight spring pressure and some gear lube will leak out of the rear cover.
5. Hold the rear cover and inspect the detent assembly. Inpspect the cavity for water and/or corrosion.
6. The hole in the rear cover where the detent resides must not be too wallowed out.
7. A wallowed out detent hole will allow the detent to jam.
8. If the detent hole is wallowed out, the rear cover and detent must be replaced.
9. If the rear cover and detent are OK, clean up all parts and grease the detent.
10. Always use a new seal when installing the rear cover assembly.
11. Glue the new seal to the rear cover with Bellows Adhesive.
12. Coat the seal and rear cover mating surfaces with Perfect Seal.
13. Start all three screws evenly and draw tight evenly.
14. Torque all three screws to 20 ft lbs.
15. Fill the drive with High Performance Gear Lube from the lower drain hole.
16. Keep filling until gear lube flows out the side vent hole.
17. Install the upper side vent plug.
18. Continue to fill the drive until from the bottom fill hole until the Lube Monitor Bottle on the engine is full.
19. Install all plugs with new plug gaskets.
20. Inspect the drive for any leaks.
21. Test run the unit and check for proper shift operation.
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