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Replacing your Alpha Gen II Ujoint Bellows

There are several special tools required to replace your Alpha Gen II Ujoint Bellows.

The Gen II Bellows are held in place with an aluminum sleeve.
To replace the Gen II Bellows you will need a Hinge Pin Tool, a Sleeve Removal Tool,
a Sleeve Installation Tool,a Driver Rod with Driver Head, and an Expansion Tool.
These tools would also be required to replace your Trim Limit and Trim Sender Switches.

Hinge Pin Tool
Sleeve Removal Tool (not required if using a new sleeve)
Sleeve Installation Tool
Driver Rod
Driver Head
Bellows Expansion Tool

For Gen II parts we suggest the Alpha Gen II Transom Seal Kit.
The Kit includes all the bellows, water intake hose, gasket and orings.
It also includes the Gimbal Bearing. If you plan on replacing your Gimbal Bearing see Replacing Your Gimbal Bearing.

30-803099T1 Alpha Gen II Transom Seal Kit $308.00

92-86166Q1 Bellows Adheasive $10.00

Complete instructions can be found in the
Alpha Gen II Service Manual #14.

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