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Why order Mercruiser Special Tools?

1. You want to save money on labor.
2. You feel better about repairing your Mercruiser yourself.
3. Your boat is no where near a reputable Mercruiser Dealer.
4. You want your repair to last.
5. You like to perform yearly service on your own Mercruiser.
6. You don't like leaving your boat at the marina.
7. Your local repair center is booked for weeks.
8. Your boat is your hobby!

You are not alone.
More and more of our Mercruiser Customers are performing their own repairs.
Often, the initial expense of buying the correct tools if offset by labor savings on the very first repair.
Once you have the tools, a reoccurring failure is usually just the cost of the parts alone.

The Special Mercruiser Tool(s) that you will need depends on which job(s) you are doing.
Trying to complete a job without the right special tool is often impossible.
The simple procedure of trying to install a seal with the correct tool is easy.
Try the same procedure without the special tool and you can ruin the new seal, install the
seal at the incorrect depth, ruin your Mercruiser sterndrive!

Do you have the factory Mercruiser Service Manual?
If not, buy one before performing your repair.
Even experienced Certified Mercruiser Technicians keep an open manual close by.
The Manuals list all the Special Tools and Procedures.

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