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R, MR and Alpha One Shift Bushing and Lever Replacement

Your bellhousing shift shaft seal can fail and leak water into your shift cable.
The original seal is located in the bellhousing exhaust passage and the hot exhaust
can ruin the small rubber seal.

There is a special tool for installing the new type seal but you really don't need it.
The new seal is larger and it is encased in a brass bushing for longer life.
It can be tapped up into place from below with a fat 1/4" drive socket on the end of a
long 1/4" drive extension.

After the drive has been removed, remove the slotted set screw which holds the shift lever/roller
onto the top of the shift shaft. Remove the lever and pull down and out the shift shaft.

Use a small socket on the end of a 1/4" long extension.
The socket must be small enough in diameter to knock up and out the old seal and bushing.
Pass the extension up through the lower shift bushing hole and snap the socket onto the top end of the extension.
Use a hammer and tap up on the bottom of the extension as to knock the seal and old bushing up and out.

Find a 1/4" socket that has the same outside diameter as the new brass bushing/seal.
Pass a long 1/4" drive extension from below up through the lower shift bushing.
Coat the top circumference of the brass bushing with loctight.
Tap the new bushing up and into place.

Clean and grease the shift shaft and slide it up and into place through the bushings.
Grease the top of the shaft and slide the white plastic washer down over the shaft.
Install the lever and the set screw.

Shift Shaft Bushing and Lever Kit
45518T1 Bushing and Lever Kit (Not required for Gen II) $80.00
27-94996Q2 Drive Gasket Mounting Kit $ 12.00
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